Israel-Palestine Blogs is a blog aggregator featuring peace blogs written by Israeli and American Jews, Palestinians, Arab-Americans and others. Though the blogs are varied in political viewpoint, they are dedicated to advocating a just, equitable and peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The site does not feature every blog that fits the above description. But it features the ones that I’ve come across which have a strong and engaging point of view.

I do not endorse all the views expressed in every blog. I want this service to be a resource for a broad spectrum of progressive thinking on the conflict.

If I’ve omitted a blog which you feel should be included please send me an e mail with a link and the reason you feel I should consider it. A featured site must have an rss feed AND preferably one devoted specifically to posts about the Israeli-Arab conflict (if the site features topics unrelated to the conflict).

I reserve the right periodically to add or remove featured blogs as their relevance to the theme of this site and the blogging debate waxes or wanes.

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A few technical thanks are in order. First, this blog could not exist (at least not in this form) without Charles Johnson’s FeedWordPress plugin. For the few items I wanted to tweak in the default installation, Carthik Sharma has been my technical knight in shining armor. I thank both of them for enabling this site to exist in the shape it now takes.